A new generation of intelligent home control system introduction

- Jun 04, 2015 -

One,Intelligent control unit

Intelligent control for intelligent control unit from the host, intelligent wireless thermostats, wireless terminal box and electric actuator. Thermostat is smart software interface, which passes the command to the smart host, the smart host via wireless signals for electric actuators, electric actuators adjust the room temperature. Humanization design of intelligent control components are not only very kind, also with remote control function, anywhere where as long as the customer uses computers, mobile phones, phone, log in to the host the client can control the room temperature, realize temperature control, temperature controlled room partitions, effect of indoor temperature. In addition, intelligent control components are powerful, not only remote control heating system, regulate the room temperature and the Interior security system, gas systems, curtain systems, power systems, television systems, air conditioning systems, lighting systems, sound systems, integrated control, the full realization of intelligent life.

Second, the diversity of water module

-Set of modules from outside the reinforced plastic water tank, heating water collectors, exhaust valves, sluice valves, brackets, in charge of the ball valve, the competent control valves, filters and other parts. Modular combinations according to customer needs, from 2 to 8 free choice, after completion of the factory as a whole. Carton with reinforced plastic configuration color crystal glass panels, upscale appearance. Automatic exhaust valve principle of using expansion, encountered in the exhaust flow is automatically shut off. Automatically open when gases, exhaust in real time, ultra quiet design, safe to use. Diversity of water pipes connected with fast plug connector, upon opening the box and heating equipment connection extremely simple and efficient, change the floor heating installation has been purchasing to Assembly appear low standard for the installation of common problems.

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